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District Anti-illegal Mining Force Districtwise Unipoles

Assets Declare Dated on 18 Nov, 2011(3.6 MB)

GO, Regarding Provide Information about markation of areas under 2021 Uk Dragin Policy 2021 Dated on 11 Nov, 2021 (105.7 KB)

Regarding Rivision in Rule No 78 of uk Minor Mineral Concession Rule, 2001 & Rule No 16 of Uk Illegal Mining, Transport, & prevention of Storage 2015, Dated on 24 Nov, 2021 (353.5 KB)

 GO, Regarding Recover the Imposed Penalty of amount in Prevention of Illegal Mining, Illegal Transport, Illegal Storage dated on 23 June, 2022 (329 KB)

GO, Regarding year of 2018-19 report of india's controller and Accountant General. the deduction of royalty from the invoices of the supplier firm/company in respect of minerals being used in construction works by the executing agencies dated on 28 june, 2022 (756.1 KB)

GO, Dated on 8 July_2022 (77.5KB)

GO, Dated on 19 July, 2022 (124.4 KB)

GO_Regarding_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining-Force_Dated on 22 march_2023 (213.7 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Nainital_Dated on 25_March_2023 (944.1 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Pithoragarh_Dated on 25_March_2023 (866.7 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Dehradun_Dated on 25_March_2023 (550.4 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Bageshwar_Dated on 25_March_2023 (540.6 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Rudraprayag_Dated on 25_March_2023 (724.4 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Chamoli_Dated on 25_March_2023 (480.6 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Almora_Dated on 27_March_2023 (597.3 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Haridwar_Dated on 27_March_2023 (427.8 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Tehri_Garhwal_Dated on 27_March_2023 (286.6 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Uttarkashi_Dated on 24_March_2023 ( 871.2 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Pauri_Garhwal_Dated on 27_March_2023 (1.1 MB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Champawat_Dated on 29_March_2023 (498.2 KB)

GO_District_Anti_Illegal_Mining_Force_Udham_Singh_Nagar_Dated on 30_March_2023(458.4 KB)

Office_Order_Of_Complaint_Redressal_Portal-Dated_On_1_July_2023 (172.2 KB)

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