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Geology and mining Unit, Directorate of Industries, Uttarakhand is an individual unit under the administrative control of the Department of the Industrial Development, Government of Uttarakhand. Its headquarter is situated in the State Capital Dehradun. It is located at Bhopalpani, about 20 km east of Dehradun City near the 8 km milestone from Raipur(Sports College) on Raipur-Thano-Airport motor road and further 900 m upstream from the main road along the seasonal Badasu nala.

  At the time of the creation of the State of Uttaranchal (now Uttarakhand from 1st January 2007) on 9th November, 2000, it was organised with the two regional offices  –one in Kumaon Division and another in Garhwal Division--  and eight Task Force Offices in eight districts of the erstwhile State of UP with its Head-office being situated in Dehradun and an Additional Director being its head. The Secretary, Industrial Development, Government of Uttaranchal (now Uttarakhand) was, ex officio, made the Administrative Head of the Directorate of Industries which included the Geology and Mining Unit as well.