1. In the newly assigned program under ‘Environmental Clearance’ of the mining areas, an Environmental Cell has been constituted in the Department. It will be mandatory for the Cell to monitor the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in which a regular assessment will be made at regular intervals or as required from time to time.

The cell will also comprehensively monitor the approval and execution of the mining plan of the mining lease areas. For this purpose, complete infra structure of the Department will have to be strengthened.

2. Departmental activities will be switched over from manual to digital technology and computerisation of database and networking at all activity levels to eliminate the existing discrepancies at different levels of functioning and to cut short the time spent in the entire process.

3. Office Automation through E-Governance will be implemented,in which Online Mining Administration, Mineral Resources, Geotechnical and Environmental Clearance of mineral lease data will be maintained.

4.   The mineral exploration disciplines- Geology, Geophysics, Chemistry, Surveying, Drilling and Mining will be modernized and strengthened alongith computerisation of all available data and pasting on website and regularly/periodically updating it. Information regarding all the Departmental activities will be there on the website to provide thorough transparency.
5. Assessment of Departmental activities will be carried out for the reorientation of the existing working procedures and the activities needed to achieve those objectives.

6. To establish and maintain a comprehensive earth science database on natural resources of the State by creating a ‘DATABASE CELL’ in the department by producing digital   documents and maps for easy availability and selling them to entrepreneurs.

7. Regular interaction and collaboration with similarly working organizations will be maintained thoroughly.

8. Application of modern devices to prevent illegal mining and illegal transportation of minerals, especially the river bed materials(minor minerals). 

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