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Mineral Policy


Amendment In UK Minor(Insitu) Mineral Policy 2015(970.3 KB)

Uttaranchal Mineral Policy, 2001 (284.4 KB)

Uttaranchal Mineral Policy (Amendment)-2002 (360.7 KB)

Uttarakhand Mineral Policy (Amendment)-2007(102.2 KB)

Uttarakhand Mineral Policy (Amendment)-2008(57.1 KB)

Mineral Policy 2011 (2.1 MB)

Cursher Policy 2011(Plain) (3.3 MB)

Cursher Policy 2011(Hill) (3.7 MB)

 Minor Mineral (Concession) Rule (amendment)2013(395.4 KB)

UK Minor Mineral (Sand,Bajri,Boulder,Brick etc.) Policy-2015 (3.7 MB)

UK  Secondary Mineral Policy-2015 (2 MB)

UK  Stone Crusher,Screening Plant,Pulveriser,Mobile Stone Crusher Permit Policy-2015 (2.3 MB)

UK Mineral (Prevention of Illegal Mining,Transportation and Storage)(Amendment) Rules-2015 (1.9 MB)

UK Minor Mineral policy (Concession) (Amendment) Rules 2015 ROYALTY Related

1589_Soapstone Khanij Policy Amendment 2015(1.9 MB)

1590_Avadh Parivahan Bhandaran Rule 13 Amendment 2015(1008.9 KB)

1591_royalty Amendment 7Oct 2015(489.3 KB)

1592_Illegal Transportation_Amendment Rule 9_7Oct2015(511 KB)

1593_Minor Mineral Policy Amendment 2015(1.3 MB)

1594_Stone Crusher Amendment_2015(1.2 MB)

Brick Application Fee Amended 30Oct15(523.1 KB)

Brick Royalty Amended 30Oct15(536.3 KB)

Guide Line Mine Plan, Mine Closure Plan & Scheme of Mining 31Oct15(3.3 MB)

Guide Line Mine Plan, Mine Closure and Scheme of Mining with comple annexures(1.8 MB)

UK Mineral (Prevention of Illegal Mining, Transportation & Storage)Rule-2005 Partially Amended 4 March 2016(316.7)

UK River Training Policy 30 Sep 2016 (589.1 KB)

UK Minor Mineral (Sand, Gravel & Boulder) Picking Policy 30 Sep 2016(2.3 MB)

Secondary Mineral Policy 2015_ Amendment_19Nov16(34.8 KB)

Soapstone Royalty Partial Amendment 22Nov16(15 KB)

Stone Crusher Etc Permit Policy_19Nov16(267.3 KB)

Illegal Mining Transportation Storage Some amendments 19Nov16(56.9 KB)

Mineral Mineral Amendment Rule 2017(700.2 KB)

Rates for Chemical analysis of Mineral and Environmental Samples(3.8 MB)

Certificate of Accreditation(971.9 KB)