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Mineral Policy


Amendment In UK Minor(Insitu) Mineral Policy 2015(970.3 KB)

Uttaranchal Mineral Policy, 2001 (284.4 KB)

Uttaranchal Mineral Policy (Amendment)-2002 (360.7 KB)

Uttarakhand Mineral Policy (Amendment)-2007(102.2 KB)

Uttarakhand Mineral Policy (Amendment)-2008(57.1 KB)

Mineral Policy 2011 (2.1 MB)

Cursher Policy 2011(Plain) (3.3 MB)

Cursher Policy 2011(Hill) (3.7 MB)

 Minor Mineral (Concession) Rule (amendment)2013(395.4 KB)

UK Minor Mineral (Sand,Bajri,Boulder,Brick etc.) Policy-2015 (3.7 MB)

UK  Secondary Mineral Policy-2015 (2 MB)

UK  Stone Crusher,Screening Plant,Pulveriser,Mobile Stone Crusher Permit Policy-2015 (2.3 MB)

UK Mineral (Prevention of Illegal Mining,Transportation and Storage)(Amendment) Rules-2015 (1.9 MB)

UK Minor Mineral policy (Concession) (Amendment) Rules 2015 ROYALTY Related

1589_Soapstone Khanij Policy Amendment 2015(1.9 MB)

1590_Avadh Parivahan Bhandaran Rule 13 Amendment 2015(1008.9 KB)

1591_royalty Amendment 7Oct 2015(489.3 KB)

1592_Illegal Transportation_Amendment Rule 9_7Oct2015(511 KB)

1593_Minor Mineral Policy Amendment 2015(1.3 MB)

1594_Stone Crusher Amendment_2015(1.2 MB)

Brick Application Fee Amended 30Oct15(523.1 KB)

Brick Royalty Amended 30Oct15(536.3 KB)

Guide Line Mine Plan, Mine Closure Plan & Scheme of Mining 31Oct15(3.3 MB)

Guide Line Mine Plan, Mine Closure and Scheme of Mining with comple annexures(1.8 MB)

UK Mineral (Prevention of Illegal Mining, Transportation & Storage)Rule-2005 Partially Amended 4 March 2016(316.7)

UK River Training Policy 30 Sep 2016 (589.1 KB)

UK Minor Mineral (Sand, Gravel & Boulder) Picking Policy 30 Sep 2016(2.3 MB)

Secondary Mineral Policy 2015_ Amendment_19Nov16(34.8 KB)

Soapstone Royalty Partial Amendment 22Nov16(15 KB)

Stone Crusher Etc Permit Policy_19Nov16(267.3 KB)

Illegal Mining Transportation Storage Some amendments 19Nov16(56.9 KB)

Mineral Mineral Amendment Rule 2017(700.2 KB)

Rates for Chemical analysis of Mineral and Environmental Samples(3.8 MB)

Certificate of Accreditation(971.9 KB)

उत्तराखंड शासन औद्योगिक विकास (खनन) अनुभाग-1 Letter No 470 dated 05 may 2020(3.3 MB)

Uttarakhand River Training related Letter No 452 dated 02 May 2020 (3 MB)

Uttarakhand River Training 2020 Letter No 137 dated 31 January 2020 (2.4 MB)

Uttarakhand Mineral (Illegal Mining, Illegal Transport and Illegal Storage) GO 2020 Letter No 906 dated 15 July 2020(4.3 MB)

Stone Crusher, Screening plant GO 2020 Letter No 905 dated 21 july 2020(13.9 MB)

Stone Crusher, Screening plant GO 2019 Letter No 2480 dated 02 january 2020(13.2 MB)

Letter No 34 dated 27 january 2020 to Chief Secretary(1.7 MB)