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Guidelines For District Mineral Foundation Trust(767.4 KB)

Amendment In UK Minor(Insitu) Mineral Policy 2015(970.3 KB)

District Mineral Foundation Trust Rules, 2017(3.3 MB)

District Mineral Foundation Notification (478.6 KB)

Geology Work Distribution 2014(290.5 KB)

Mining Work Distribution 2014(172 KB)

pdf Structure 2011 (1.1 MB)

Assets Declare(3.6 MB)

Chemical Analysis(294.2 KB)

SGPB members UK 2005(1.1 MB)

Royalty Minor Mineral Amended 18 Jan 2013(715.4 KB)

ML Minor Mineral in Nap Land Performa(341.4 KB)

Mineral Mineral Lots allotment Information 23 Sep 2013(2.2 MB)

UK Geology and MIning Service(Amendment) Rules-2015 (444 KB)

Amendment Illegal Mining Transportation and Storage 22 Jan 2016(2.2 MB)

Amendment on Mineral Royalty after Hon. High Court Nainital Order dt. 10 Dec 2015 (252.8 KB)

Letter no 851_19-05-2016 Illegal Mining Transportation Prevantation Decentralisation power

Geology and Mining Service Rule 2nd Amendment 2015 (2 MB)

Geology and Mining Subordinate Service Rule Amendment 2015(479KB)

Minor Mineral Royalty Amendment Letter No 842_dated 19-05-2016(486KB)

 Stone crusher Etc Fee Amendment Letter No 850 dated 19-05-2016 (1.1 MB)

 Illegal Mining Transportation Preventation Decentralisation of power Letter No 851 dated 19-05-2016(3.1 MB)

Notification Online E-Form MM_11 dt. 30 Sep 2016(1.8 MB)

Notification Online Form J dt 30 Sep 2016(1.7 MB)

GO online E Transit relaated Information(483.7 KB) 

GO for E_Ravanna System Implementation(862.3 KB)

GO related to Amendment of Notification No. 1561 dt 30 Sep 2016(

2 MB)

Notification No 211 amendment Soapstone royalty related dt. 22 Nov16  (2.1 MB)


Nigam and Pvt Land MM Picking Policy_16 Fee Rates Revision_28Oct_16(190 KB)

National Mineral Exploration Trust Orders_Aug2017(2.6 MB)